GLOBE W BACKGROUNDUnconfirmed reports have been received that a small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy has been chosen as the site for the bestowal of Jesus, our beloved Creator Son.

Gabriel, a brilliant spiritual being, appeared to Elizabeth, the wife of Zacharias, a temple priest, late in the month of June, 8 BC in the city of Judah. Said Gabriel: “I, Gabriel, have come to announce that you will shortly bear a son who shall be the forerunner of a divine teacher, and you shall call your son John. He will grow up dedicated to the Lord your God, and he will proclaim the coming of the soul-healer of your people and the spirit-liberator of all humankind. Your kinswoman Mary shall be the mother of this child of promise, and I will also appear to her.” This vision greatly frightened Elizabeth. After Gabriel’s departure she turned this experience over in her mind, long pondering the sayings of the majestic visitor, but did not speak of the revelation to anyone save her husband until her subsequent visit with Mary in early February of the following year.

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